Monday, September 14, 2009

'Books and Cooks" Questionaire

Please answer this questionaire before our next meeting!

Book Club:
1) What is your vision for book club?
2) What do you hope to get out of the club? What do you hope to contribute?
3) Suggest one helpful guideline for discussion.

4) What are a few of your favorite books?
5) How much do you typically read? (for example: # of books/week or month or year)
6) What is your most commonly read genre? what is your least favorite genre? What genre have you never really read (and maybe always wanted to..) ?
7) What kind of books would you like to read in book club? More of your favorites? Something new? Any specific titles?
8) What characteristics does a book need to make it a good discussion book?

9) Do you like to cook/bake? What are you favorite things to make/eat?
10) Do you like to experiment with new recipes, ingredients or cooking techniques? Would you like to cook/bake or eat new things in book club?
11) What kind of menus would you like to see in book club? Would you prefer low-effort, simple snacks or more inventive meals? Or some of both?
12) Give an example of a book that you've read and a dish that you could serve with that book to enhance the experience.

  • To answer these questions on the blog, just copy and paste the questions into a new post and then add your answers.
  • Change the color of your answers to make it easier to read (see the T at the top with the multicolored tile beside it? Click on that and pick a color!)
  • Put Questionaire and your name in the Title and choose "Questionaire" for the label.


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  2. ackkk!!I copied something, I think..scary blogg spot..I think I understand the driving car thing now, Tessa, because I seem to get all locked up on the blog, it makes me sweat. Really quite silly I'm sure.. I guess I need some blog therapy.

  3. Never mind the therapy, just pour yourself a glass of wine...or two...


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