Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope

This is the book I did read on my camping trip - the one and only, but it's a fairly long read (559pgs) so I use that - and my four year old who can't swim but thinks she can- as excuses!

I like to read a classic now and then, although I couldn't live on a steady diet of them. I like the slower pace, the social commentary, the idea that it isn't what happens in a book that matters so much as, but that the real story is in character development. I especially like the conversation - that is an art/skill that we have largely lost in this complex world where is it nearly impossible to converse intelligently on most subjects anymore. I love it that this art of conversation was considered a mark of "society"... a heirarchical idea that we have rejected in this egalitarian world. We have thrown out the baby with the bath water on that one.

The Small House in Allington is the fifth in a series of 9 books, but it stands alone with no problems. Here is how the story is described: "although The Small House is primarily a love story, it mixed requited and unrequited love, disgrace, scandal and near-disgrace with a delightful leavening of wit and social satire in a complicated by lively plot that has delighted generations of readers."

It delighted this reader too... although i think I need book #6 to find out if Johnny and Lily get a happily ever after.

Anyone read Anthony Trollope before? What did you think?

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