Monday, September 28, 2009

The Justice by Angela Hunt

another potential library book....

Angela Hunt takes on a "what if..." that is very current: What if a woman ruled in the White House? What if she risked all for the only career she ever wanted?

Hunt's answer is an powerful and busy look at life in the White House that would dismay feminists today. Her character, Daryn Austin, becomes a successful president of the USA who makes a lot of sacrifices along the way, and ends her career discouraged and disgraced and full of regret for all the wrongs she has done: aborting her child, cheating, lying, black-mailing and ultimately ordering the murder of her married lover. Austin ends a bitter and broken character who is ready to give God the power in her life again. Several turns of events in this book stretch the limits of believability, but the reader feels inclined to cut the author some slack because there is much that is well done.

Angela Hunt's strength as a writer is portraying faithful Christians without the emotional drama or cloying sentimentality of many Christian novels. Her characters, Justice Crispin and Maria Santana, are powerful witnesses who can teach so much about the neccessity of Bible reading, the power of prayer and the effectiveness of Christian witness in the world.

Recommendation: Read it!

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