Thursday, October 15, 2009

the white bone by Barbara Gowdy

My hubby and I had the pleasure of taking a night away from the kids and going to an out-of-town wedding this weekend. The Indian groom is a former co-worker of Jon's which whom we have kept in contact with over the years. His bride is a Scottish sweetheart. And the combination made for the most interesting wedding we have ever attended. The first wedding service was Hindi (about 1 1/2 late, casual, funny and full of strange ceremonies, the bride and groom were in full gorgeous Indian ceremonial dress complete with bare feet and henna designs.. not to mention out doors in the cold!) and the second service was Civil (moved indoors, conducted by a minister, the bride wore a beautiful white gown, was introduced by a bag piper and the groom wore a kilt). We had a great time - and the food and company were terrific.

The decor theme was elephants:

and I went home thinking about "the white bone" by Barbara Gowdy. Don't you love those books that live on with you, even years after you read them? The White Bone is the story of elephants... from the inside. Gowdy creatively spins a world in which elephants are the central characters and have an elaborate culture, language, myths, family structure and a grand struggle for survival. As odd as it sounds, these elephants will live on in your memory as friends.

Recommendation: Find it. Read it. Remember it.


  1. I have Barbara Gowdy's "The Romantic" - have you read it? I read it awhile ago and I remember I really liked it, but it was a bit strange!

    It was a great and unique wedding on Saturday - too bad we had to leave early to drive up North and I missed both ceremonies, because I was feeding Annika!

  2. Haven't read that, Kate. Could I borrow it?

  3. Yep, I'll bring it next week. Wanna drive together?

    Also, can you post your banana chocolate chip muffin recipe? I used to pull up the old blog to make them...but it's gone!

    Are you still reading possible books for the church library? Have you ever read "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant? It's a novel based on Jacob's daughter Dinah, and it's a great read! Not sure if that's the type of thing you guys are looking for...

    I used to have the book, but Blane ripped it up! :(


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