Friday, May 21, 2010

Meet the Author... Cathy Buchanan

Michelle is inviting us all to a bonus book club event:

Join us Thursday, June 3rd at 7 pm as we welcome Cathy Marie Buchanan, Toronto author of The Day the Falls Stood Still.

This debut novel is historical fiction set in Niagara Falls from 1915 - 1923, a fabulous read.

Space is limited - RSVP seating only.

Here's the author's website:   And I see that there are book club discussion questions on-line too.  I'm intrigued :-)


Michelle and I went to meet Cathy  - and were we ever impressed!  What a fabulous and inspiring woman... and she's put together a remarkable first book.  I had to buy a copy and have it signed, of course, and I spent my weekend sneaking out of gardening chores and lounging in the sunshine reading about Bess and Tom and the falls.... loved it!

We found out that Cathy is willing to "skype" into book club meetings and participate in our discussions, and this book just begs for a local outing... maybe a crisp fall day, an outdoor picnic near the Niagara river and a great discussion.  Hmmmm... sounds appealing! 

This would make a FABULOUS book club book as there are all kinds of relationships and issues to talk about and it's all so local, and there are a lot of great "eats" right in the book (lemon squares anyone?)

I am happy to pass along my book if anyone is interested and needs some lazy summer reading material!

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  1. I`d love to borrow it, now that the busy-ness of opening the library is behind me... Thanks, Tessa!


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