Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Book Club

Hi Everyone,

We were so busy chatting during our March meeting (and I definitely did not have my head in the game that day) that we never took the time to touch base about the April meeting.  So here is it:

April meeting is at Chandra's house on Thursday, APRIL 21st at 7:30 with discussion to start at 8:00pm ...hopefully ;-)  We are reading Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden which only ties in the the Garden theme in a very loose way, but hey, it works.

Chandra will send out a reminder and sign up email a week before the meeting.  Also, Chandra says:

BTW, I just happened to be at the library when Tessa's message came through, so I looked for the book. It currently has 40 holds in the Hamilton Library system!! There is an express one in Ancaster, so I'll pick that one up today, but since it's express I'll have to read very quickly! And here I just started "Dracula" today...

Just thought I'd warn you all about the waiting list, so you can get yourselves signed up ASAP or buy yourself a copy instead. 


Happy Reading!!

PS.  It's been a bit quiet in terms of book reviews here lately.  Anyone have a book they want to share?  

PPS.  Some of us have had difficulty making the end of the month meetings and it's been suggested that we move to the first THURSDAY of the month instead.  Does this work better for everyone?  Maybe take a look at your calendars for the next few months so that we can do some planning for June, July and August.

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  1. April 21st is a no-go for me.. again! Grrr. Out for dinner with my children. John's birthdate.


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