Friday, December 2, 2011

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Meeting Details:

Thursday, December 8th, at Chandra's house. Arrival time is 7:30 with discussion to begin at 8:00.

Discussion Questions:

1. How would you describe the style of this cookbook? What did you like/dislike about the style?
2. What did you learn about the author of the cookbook and her life?
3. Ree is well known for her blog, The Pioneer Woman. Are you a reader? Had you heard of her before reading this cookbook? Do you feel her blog is truly representative of her everyday life, ie. is she really a one-woman-show?
4. What was your favourite recipe? Why? Have you tried the recipe, or are you judging based on ingredients/photographs, etc.?
5. Many readers claim that the majority of the recipes in the book are washed-up 70’s and 80’s greasy-spoon-diner recipes, with far too much butter and too little flavour. What’s your take on this?
6. What did you think of the photos and illustrations in the book/
7. Did you enjoy the personal pages and snippets that are found throughout the book? did you find that they added anything to the book?
8. How would you describe Ree’s attitude toward food? Marlboro Man’s attitude?
9. Would you use this cookbook again?


Rather than set a specific menu for the meeting, I would like to leave it a bit more open, so let’s sample something from each section of the book. If we stick with lighter fare (if there is any! ) from the meal sections, we shouldn’t be overloaded. Please do let us know what you will be bringing so that we won’t have any doubles in the starters and sweets categories.

Starters: - Jalapeno Poppers (Melissa) - Pico de Gallo & chips (Tanya)

In the Morning: - Breakfast Burritos (Karen) - Cinnamon Rolls (Sherrie)

Dinner: - Pizza (Kate)

Supper: - Olive cheese bread (Erin)

Sweets: - Oatmeal Cookies (Tessa) - Blueberry Cobbler (Amanda)

Chandra will provide the drinks.

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  1. Um, have you all seen the updated menu on the blog?? I don't think I'll be eating anything today or tomorrow, to make sure there's enough room for all this yummy deliciousness!! :P


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