Friday, July 6, 2012

August 2012 - Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

 Meeting Details: August 2nd 2012 at Melissa's House. 7:30pm discussion begins at 8pm.

Reminder email will go out a week before the meeting.

Discussion Questions:
1. Did you like the book? Why or why not?
2. Do you like Olive kitteridge as a person?
3. What is this books message? How did you feel about the characters? Whom did you like or not like and why?
4. How would you say Olive changed as a person during the course of the book?
5. What freedoms do the residents of Crosby, Maine, experience in contrast with those who flee the town for bigger "ponds" (California, New York)? Does anyone feel trapped in Crosby, and if so, who? What outlets for escape are available to them?
6. Why does Henry tolerate Olive as much as he does, catering to her, agreeing with her, staying even-keeled when she rants and raves?
7. Why do you think Olive is so keen on having a positive relationship with Suzanne, whom she obviously dislikes? How is this a reflection of how she treats other people in town?
8. What does Jim O'Casey mean to Olive? How is Jim O'Casey important to Olive and Henry's marriage?
9. What is Olive's relationship with her son like as he is growing up?
10. Why does Christopher move away, and how do Olive and Henry react?
11. In "Tulips" and in "Baskets of Trips", Olive visits people in difficult circumstances in hopes that "in presence of someone else's sorrow, a tiny crack of light would somehow come through her own dark encasement" (page 172). In what ways do the tragedies of others shine lighton Olive's trials with Christopher's departure and Henry's illness? How do these experiences change Olive's interactions with others? Is she more compassionate or more indifferent? Is she more approachable or more guarded? Is she more hopeful or more pessimistic?
12. What does Olive's relationship with Jack Kennisonreveal about Olive Kitteridge's theme of loniness and love?

Menu: Dinner with Olive in Maine. (Olive would have loved a hearty fare so that is what we are going to do!)

Salad with Blueberries - Sherrie
Olive's Clam Chowdah - Tanya
Lobster Pie (could use fake lobster:)

Blueberry Crisp - Erin
Brownies (better be as good as the ones at the funeral:) - Tessa

Drinks provided by Melissa


  1. I would love to bring the clam chowder!

  2. Shucks, we have family visiting from BC next week. My SIL is an avid reader, so I would take her along, but we're scheduled to visit the Toronto Zoo that day, and I doubt we'll make it back in time. :) I'll give my book to Tessa this weekend...


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