Thursday, January 10, 2013

Plans for 2013

Here is the list again so that you can get the dates on to your 2013 calendar.

  • January - Change Your World... (hostess: Erin)
                    - A Long Way Gone ( this one) by Ishmael Beah
                    - Thursday, Jan 10th
  • February - Be My Valentine...  (hostess: Tanya)
                    - we decided to do another fun couples night out
                    -  Saboteurs: Weibo Ludwig's War Against Big Oil 
                              by Andrew Nikiforuk
                     - Saturday, Feb 2nd
  • March - Reader's Choice (hostess: Stephanie)
                    -The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society 
                                  by Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer.
                    - Thursday, March 7th
  • April - How Does Your Garden Grow? ...  (hostess: Trish)
                - The Occupied Garden by Kristen deHartog and Tracy Kasaboski
                - Thursday, April 4th
  • May - Forgotten Favorites...  (hostess: Amanda)
              -  Outsiders by SE Hinton
              - Thursday, May 2nd
  • June - Short and Sweet.... (hostess: Danielle)
                     - Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam
                     - Thursday, June 6th
  • July - Reader's Choice...  (hostess: Tessa )

                    - The Painted Girls by Cathy Marie Buchanan
                    - we will try to arrange to have the author skype in for this again!  :-)

Books to be decided in May or June; dates TBA:
  • August - Travels to Remember (hostess: Sarah)
  • September - Reading the Classics (hostess: Karen)
  • October - Mystery Night (hostess: Melissa)
  • November - Muckraking Madness (hostess: Chandra)
  • December - Get Cooking (hostess: Stephanie)
PS.  I updated the HOW WE ROLL section; please let me know if I missed anything.  :-)


  1. Does not matter to me if we move painted girls to July:) Too bad Saboteurs is hard to get! I think it is a great topic, I know I am really interested in it. If we do decide to do it would like to decide quick so I can get on top of ordering it so both Shawn and I will get a chance to read it:)

  2. Disappointed about Saboteurs! I'm willing to accept the challenge of getting enough copies, but understand if it's too much of a headache.
    And if the release date for Painted Girls is January 10th (I think that's what the email said), it would be enough time for me to read before March, but if it's too rushed for others, maybe Erin would like to make her 'reader's choice'?

  3. I don't mind moving Painted Girls, but I also think that it's enough time between Jan 10 and March to read it.
    If we all get on top of it and get copies of Saboteurs quickly, that too should be okay. I vote we keep things the same, unless I'm outnumbered, in which case, that's okay too!

  4. My only concern about the painted girls was that they would change the release date to a later time, and it might be harder to borrow from the library right away if you didn't want to purchase it. I also want to do the Saboteurs book, but my main concern was leaving some stranded without a copy or "forced" into purchasing a pricey copy. It didn't look like there were many options to purchase.

  5. Hi Ladies,
    I vote we keep Saboteurs - and urge everyone to get on book ordering right away. Since its a his/hers book, we'll get our money's worth. :-)

    I'm leaning towards saving The Painted Girls for July. Someone suggested that we do a Canada Reads book for March. The 5 nominees for this year are here:

    We could choose one of those? Any favorites?

  6. Upon further many of us actually own copies of Saboteurs to begin with? With limited copies available in the first place, maybe we should figure out how many copies we need to scrounge up/buy in the first place? Sorry, but I would just not like to spend that much money on most books, let alone this one. Sorry, that's just my opinion. Anyone else have thoughts?

    1. Chandra has the book and I've already ordered it.

  7. The Painted Girls is at Costco right (scheduled for our July read)


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