Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Titanic is sinking...

Last Dinner Titanic Menus And Recipes From The Great Liner: Menus And Recipes From The Great LinerAnyone else struggling to find a copy of December's cookbook, Last Dinner on the Titanic?  It appears to be out of print which is why chapters only offers it used and amazon list a few copies with an appalling wait time (1-4 months to ship!!)

Anyone having any success with this one?  Any suggestions about where to find it?

Chandra - I just ordered this through ebay.ca, but it’s shipping from Britain, so I don’t know how long it will be.  There’s another copy available there if someone else wants it...cost me $18 including shipping.

Melissa - Both Danielle and I have ordered the book a while back. I still have not gotten mine but it should come next month. Really don't want to have ordered the book for no reason:)
Tanya - Seeing as at least 3 people have ordered the book now, I ordered it this morning.  I’m more that willing to share if not everyone is able to get their hands on a copy.  

Tanya - Upon further searching, I seem to have found more copies of the Titanic cookbook on Amazon.com (not .ca).  The shipping seems to be a little higher, but the book price is lower, so it works out to be roughly the same.  Shipping times do not also seem to be ridiculous.  Just saying.  Here is a link about the book...and at the very bottom of the page is a link to the used amazon.com copies.  The book seems pretty neat!


Tessa - I just ordered a copy off Amazon.com (instead of .ca) and it seems to be a better price and a WAY better shipping time (4-8 days), so if all goes well, I should have a copy I'd be willing to share too (Stephanie?!)

Sounds like there will be at least 5 copies out there!  If you've got a copy that you're willing to share, can you add a comment here to that effect so that we can share them around a bit if anyone is unable to find a copy (or orders it but doesn't receive it on time!)

Thanks Ladies!


  1. I don't have a copy, and not really willing to order one especially if I am not guaranteed to get it in time.... Anyone willing to lend theirs out when they get it?

  2. I would like to share with someone also please. Anyone else willing to lend theirs out once you are done looking at it? I could just photocopy a few recipies that I like :)


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