Monday, November 26, 2012

December 2012: Last Dinner on the Titanic

Greetings All,

Meeting Details:
Who: Sherrie is hosting this month
When: Thursday December 6th, 2012.  As usual, book club will begin at 7:30 pm with discussion to start around 8:00 pm 

Menu:  Let’s plan to sample something from different courses and different menus, if possible.  Send me an email with your menu item preference and I’ll coordinate to make sure we’ve got an assortment of items covered.  As usual, the host will provide an assortment of drinks, and I’m going to try and find some “chocolate cigars” to mimic the typical post-dinner cigar enjoyed by the male guests on board the Titanic.  J

Here’s a sampling of courses to help us get started – of course, we needn’t have something from each category:

Hors d’oeuvre:
Soup: Vegetable Soup (Danielle)
Fish/Main entrée: Curry Chicken and Rice (Melissa)
                                       Roast Beef Forestiere (Tessa)
                                       Chateau Potatoes  (Karen)
                                        Creamed Carrots - (Amanda)
Punch or sorbet: Sorbet (Chandra) 
Cold dish:
Sweet: Chocolate Painted Eclairs (Tanya)
                Coconut Sandwich (Tessa)
Dessert: assorted fruit and cheese (Stephanie)
After dinner: Coffee/wine-sparkling juice: Sherrie
                             Chocolate Cigars: Sherrie

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  1. Update: Stephanie is bringing the fruit and cheese platter, and Amanda is bringing the creamed carrots.


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