Friday, July 5, 2013

Cutting for Stone - Discussion Highlights

What we liked about the book:
  • the epic nature of the story that covers so many different members of the "family" (even when we got the story lines confused)
  • the intensified sibling relationship and rivalry between Marion and Shiva and the completely different paths their lives take even though they were raised the same
  • Ghosh... what a rock of a husband, dad and doctor
  • some of us really enjoyed the historical background, while others felt it bogged down the story
  • an overall good read - well written, quick paced and lots of interesting characters and settings
What we didn't like:
  • some of the medical/surgical scenes were cringe/vomit inducing
  • some elements of the story were difficult to believe based on what was revealed about those characters... for example, based on what we know of Sister Mary Joseph Praise, would she really use sex to comfort a distraught Thomas Stone?  Doesn't seem believable.  Also, when Genet comes to Marion in the end, would Marion really treat her like that... after all that "waiting for everything to be perfect" would he really claim her in such an animalistic way?  Seems so out of character.
  • some of us felt that the ending was just too tidy... Stone has to use his specialty to operate on his 2 doctor sons; the trouble-some son dies; then Marion returns to Missing with his mother.  Oh, and Genet is neatly killed off, too.
What we ate:
  • mmmm... smoked paprika beef and onions with warm naan bread and a cool cucumber and tomato salad; then we  finished off with a amazing fruit platter and strange deep fried ricotta cheese puffs and a cup of tea.  
  • Ethiopians definitely need to be introduced to decadent chocolate desserts!

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