Monday, August 19, 2013

Stories from the Vinyl Cafe - Discussion Highlights

What we liked about the book:

  • we listened to the story "Home Renovations" on CD read by Stuart McLean and laughed a lot; he is a great story teller with terrific comic timing and a pleasant voice and he reads even the most hilarious sections in a calm, no nonsense voice.  Now, who would like an outlet for the toaster close to the dining room table?!
  • we liked how the stories he told were based on ordinary people and ordinary life situations.  We could relate to many of the situations.
  • we liked the Canadian- it's-okay-to-laugh-at-yourself humor throughout the book.  We appreciated that the humor remained gentle and not derogatory.
  • we like Dave, Morley, Stephanie and Sam.  Many of us would have been happy to meet them or have them as neighbors.
  • we like the short story format and the fact that each story was complete enough and separate enough to be read on the beach or in the middle of a busy afternoon.

What we didn't like about the book:

  • some of the stories (in his books or on the radio) contain offensive language that seems so unnecessary and prevents the stories from being family entertainment... that's a shame
  • some of us felt that the stories had little "point" to them and were quite forgettable.  Others disagreed and thought that the humorous situations and some of the characters/relationships were quite memorable and the point of the stories was to see your own life/family/neighborhood reflected in the stories and to take a moment to laugh at the absurdities of life.

What we ate:

  •  Sarah hosted a regular coffee shop buffet!  We had bagels with cream cheese - toasted, plugged in near the table :-) - home-made cinnamon buns, strawberry rhubarb pie, brownies, carrot cake, pastries, donuts and more.

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