Friday, October 4, 2013

Book Choices for Jan-June 2014

  • January - Change Your World... an inspirational book that could be a biography or autobiography
        And the winner is....
         - hostess: Sherrie

  • February - Be My Valentine...  In Feb 2012 and 2013, we had a couples book club meeting on a Friday in mid-February and picked something that we felt quite sure that the guys would enjoy too -along with a full meal - appetizers, dinner and dessert- and this went over really well. 
        - hostess: Trish

  • March - Reader's Choice... we usually give the hostess first dibs here, although anyone with a favorite that they are itching to read with us could step up here.
    •  The Paris Wife by Paula McLain
         - hostess: Tessa

  • April - NEW The Latest Buzz ... one the most talked about novels of the year; any genre or age level as long as there is some buzz around the book lately
         And the winner is....
         - hostess: Danielle

  • May - Forgotten Favorites... a classic children's novel; sometimes we push the boundaries on "classic" and read the hottest new book for Middle Graders instead
         And the winner is...
        - hostess: Amanda

  • June - Short and Sweet... a short story collection for this busy month; read only a few stories or the whole book.
         And the winner is....
    • Open by Lisa Moore
         - hostess: Sarah


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