Friday, February 21, 2014

The Doppler Effect...

We had a good turnout for our February couples' night, with five couples in attendance, and we had a fun evening together discussing Doppler.  (And the value of a post secondary education.  But we won't get into that here.) :P

 Feelings about the book were mixed, ranging from those who loved it to those who thought it was a complete waste of time, with a few "neutrals" in between.  Several of us found that it took a few chapters to really get into the book, and one reader did not even bother to continue past chapter one. :)

Although most of us could sympathize with the attraction of sometimes leaving all our responsibilities and cares behind, and living in the woods, we did not approve of Doppler's choices.  We felt he was extremely selfish, and his actions of desertion and theft were unjustified.  We did find it amusing that despite his insistence that he was leaving everything behind, he pitched his tent just a few yards off the main trail, and then proceeded to complain when others entered his sanctum.

We could not come to a consensus regarding Bongo's role in the book; some felt that he was merely a pet, while others felt that he was almost a replacement child for Doppler.  Either way, it was weird that Doppler carried on conversations with an unresponsive moose.

Most of us found the ending unsatisfying, as there was no resolution, simply the note "to be continued".

Very few of us would recommend this book to a friend.

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