Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In A Sunburned Country Discussion Highlights

 We met almost one month ago to discuss "In A Sunburned Country" by Bill Bryson, it was a small group with only three of us there but a great discussion nevertheless! We ate shrimp on the Barbie, watermelon on the Barbie and sausage rolls heated on the Barbie (Just like the Aussies do it:). Later we indulged in Pavlova, which was super yummy!!

 A very interesting book, filled with informative, weird, funny little anecdotes about the people he met and the things he learned. The books covers a lot about Australia's history, weather climates, natural wonders, bizarre people and a whole slew of deadly creatures! Australia is home to fluffy Caterpillars that can kill you, species of spiders that can kill you with just a pinprick of venom, and the worlds deadliest snake, the taipan. (fifty times more venomous than a cobra!). Not to mention there are sharks, poisonous jellyfish ("blueys"), and man eating crocodiles. And desert, lots of unforgiving desert! While most Australians aren't bothered by the rest of the lot, the crocodiles even scare them!

 Bill Bryson really gives us an idea of how enormous Australia really is and how most of the population is in the big coastal cities (Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc.). He gives a sad view of the Aboriginal people of Australia who have been co-opted out of society and live in a fringe and destitute world.

 We all agreed that Bill Bryson's sense of humour and wit is what kept you wanting more and is the reason we would pick up another book by him! He has a way of putting humour into diverse situations and will make you laugh out loud throughout the book!

 Who wants to take a trip to Australia?!

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  1. pick me! pick me! great summary of a fun evening, Melissa!


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