Friday, March 6, 2015

April 2015 - The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules by Catharina Ingleman-Sundberg

 Meeting Details:  Thursday, April 9th at Tessa's house.  Meet at 7:30 with discussion to begin at 8:00.

Discussion Questions:
  1. Did you enjoy the book?  Why or why not?
  2. Which of the characters in the "League of Pensioners" was your favorite?  Why?
  3. Discuss the background for each of the main characters.  What do you learn about their lives before the old age home?  How does that impact their decision to go on a crime spree?
  4. In what ways was the old age home a disappointment to the oldies? What were the perks?
  5. What do you think the oldies gained by their crime spree?  In what ways were they looking to change their lives?
  6. What things about prison did the oldies enjoy?  In what ways was prison a disappointment?  When the oldies leave prison, they never want to return.  Why do you think that is?
  7. Prison, an old age home or life at the Grand Hotel - which would you prefer? Why?
  8. Which secondary character did you enjoy the most?  How did his/her story add to the book?
  9. What did you think of the ending?  Not all the loose ends have been tied - do you think the author is planning a sequel?  (Answer: yes, published Jan 2015)  Would you be interested in reading more about The League of Pensioners?
  10. Did this book change your view of the elderly in any way?  If so, how?
  11. Would you recommend this book?  To whom and why?

Menu: Eating Like Royalty at the Grand Hotel

We haven't had a full dinner in a while, and this book lends itself so nicely to that, so here's the plan.  I have amalgamated several of the "oldies" best meals so that we have some items to choose from.  Page numbers indicate where that menu item show up in the book for those who are curious about that sort of thing.

for dinner:
roasted chicken with a cream sauce (pg 15) - Tessa
turbot a la meunier (ie. white fish in cream sauce) (pg 57) - Amanda
green beans wrapped in bacon (pg 57) - Stephanie
mashed potatoes (pg 57) - Karen
fresh green salad.. don't forget the cucumbers! (pg 15) - Erica
drinks - Tamara

for dessert:
crepes suzette (pg 57)
chocolate mousse (pg 90) - Melissa
(champagne with) strawberries and jelly babies (pg 110)
cream trifle (pg 139) - Danielle
strawberry sorbet (pg 168) - Karen
cloudberry liqueur with chocolate cookies
belgian chocolates - Amanda
coffee - Tessa

I have not linked to any recipes, but a quick search should provide you with options.  Please add a comment to claim a menu item!


  1. I plan to be there and will bring a cream trifle!

  2. I will be there and will bring green beans wrapped in bacon.

  3. I will bring mashed potatoes and strawberry sorbet.

  4. Will bring will Chocolate mousse

  5. I will bring a fresh green salad, with plenty of cucumbers!

  6. I will bring the white fish and the chocolates


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