Thursday, July 28, 2016

August 2016: The Boys by John Terpstra

Image result for the boys john terpstraThe Boys by John Terpstra

Meeting details: Thursday, August 4th at Tessa's house; meeting starts at 7:30 with discussion to begin at 8:00.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Did you enjoy the book?  Why or why not?
  2. What did you think of the way that the story was told? Did you like the short, poetic "chapters"?
  3. Why do you think the author choose to tell the story in this non-chronological order?
  4. Did you like the poetry included in the book?  Did that add to/distract from the story, in your opinion?
  5. Did you like "the boys"?  Who was your favorite?  Why?
  6. Describe the author's relationship with the boys.
  7. How do Mumsy, the Boss, Maryann and John cope with the boys' increasingly ill health?  
  8. How is the family dynamic affected by the boys' illness?
  9. Describe the role of the extended family, neighborhood, church and hospital community in supporting the family.
  10. What does the author want to show us about the lives of those living with chronic illness and/or pain?  
  11. How does the author share his faith in this book?
  12. One reviewer said, "ultimately, Terpstra's book is a celebration of life".  Do you agree?
  13. Would you recommend this book?  To whom? 

Menu: "Ultimate Comfort Foods"

Bring either a dish/dessert that you find comforting or one that you make as a meal/treat to bring comfort to others.


- fruit salad
- veggie tray - Chandra
- egg salad sandwiches - Karen
- hot "funeral" buns
- buttered raisin buns - Karen
- chicken noodle soup

- any kind of pie! - Lindsey
- chocolate trifle dessert - Tamara
- coconut cake
- vanilla milkshakes


  1. I will bring raison buns and egg salad sandwiches!

  2. Replies
    1. crisp...I ran out of time ;)

  3. I'll bring an owl veggie tray!

  4. PS. Hope it's okay that I'm coming back! Tessa said you hadn't filled my spot... :)

  5. Glad to see you again, Chandra! :) I will bring a trifle dessert

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