Friday, November 4, 2016

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

There was a divide in the room regarding this book. There were those who loved it, and those who didn't. One person said it was her most favourite book club book ever, and others couldn't wait to put it down.

What was loved:
-The enchantment of it all; you just wanted to be at there, going through different tents, meeting all the unique people involved
-Marco and Celia's classic love story
-The reveurs - the circus 'groupies' who followed the circus around, and/or kept in tune with all the details regarding the circus (from Celia Brown through Friedrick Thiessen). Even their attire of black and white with red scarves, which may seem like a small and insignificant detail, was really enjoyed.
-The enchantment of the entire story; it drew you in and one person said she'd even give up her firstborn in order to experience the wonder of it al1!
-The author was so good at describing things - you could just smell the warm cinnamon twists wafting in the air! Mmm

What was not loved:
-The non-linear sequence of events. It was at times very difficult to stay with the story because of the constant switch from past to present. This also resulted in some just not feeling the enchantment of the story; they were not drawn into the story line (and were not willing to give up their firstborn to experience it all! ;) )

It was decided that you really need to love/appreciate Fantasy-type books in order to enjoy and fully experience The Night Circus.

What we ate:
- We thought to experience a taste of the type of food one could buy at the Night Circus, and so we enjoyed chocolate drizzled popcorn, scones with jam, chocolate covered mice with licorice tails and almond ears, caramel apple dip with sliced apples (in place of caramel apples), mini cinnamon buns, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered strawberries.

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  1. Thanks Danielle for posting these highlights so quickly - and for hosting such a lovely black and white themed circus party!!


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