Friday, October 26, 2018

November 2018: The Secret of the Blue Trunk

November 2018: The Secret of the Blue Trunk by Lise Dion

Meeting on Thursday, November 1st, at Danielle’s house ( **last time at Fife Street, Ladies! Let’s give this house a final book club hurrah ;) )
Come anytime after 7:30, with discussion starting at 8 pm.

Discussion Questions to come..

I thought of doing food mentioned in the book, but so far it doesn’t sound very appetizing. Then I thought ‘Québécois Cuisine’ but that’s maybe a lot of poutine and maple syrup.
A line from the book stood out at me:

Whenever I visited her and she was in the kitchen preparing a meal, I felt as though I was coming home from school and was a child again who no longer had to face her adult responsibilities.’

So. Although it’s been done before, it’s one of my favourites. Let’s share those childhood comfort foods, or adult comfort foods, and go through the secrets hidden in the blue trunk together. (Extra points if your comfort food includes poutine or maple syrup somehow ;)

Drinks provided by Danielle


  1. This book definitely calls for French pastries! I'll recipe browse and let you know what I've decided on in the next day or two...charlotte russe cake, chocolate cream puffs, apple galette... so many yummy options to choose from!

    1. I'll bring the apple galette.. made with maple syrup in homage du Quebec!

  2. I hope to be there but i don't know what to bring yet. maybe date bars... not a home comfort food but a fond memory food.

  3. I am planning on being there. I will bring a tourtiere meat pie.

  4. I'm planning on attending but not sure what I'm bringing.


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