Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Jane Austen Book Club (2004) by Karen Joy Fowler

I'm totally going to cheat here. I didn't read the book - I watched the movie! But the book is definitely on my to-read list, now.

I picked this movie out of the bargin bin at the grocery store b/c I'm a sucker for a chick movie now and then, and I'm in a book club, and I LOVE Jane Austen. I was not disappointed. The basic story line is that 6 people (5 women and 1 guy) read 6 Jane Austen books in 6 months and meet to eat yummy things and discuss the books. As they read, they find characters and situations that mirror their own lives - and they find comfort, wit and wisdom from the pages of Jane's books. Lots of "insider" discussion of the books that will be particularly fascinating to Jane Austen fans.

Warning: one of the women plays for the other team (if you know what I mean) and a few short scenes made me squirm.

Check out the trailer here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ghui_the-jane-austen-book-club-trailer_blog

I would be happy to loan this out - and hey, anyone interested in 6 months of Austen? I'd be game!

Updated July 2010:
I found the book at a flea market, and as is so often the case in book vs. movie, I really did like the book better.  The movie added bits to increase the "steaminess factor" and when these were missing in the book, I thought - yes - that's better.  Prudie has a flirtation with a student, but nothing more.  Allegra has a relationship with another women, but nothing to make you squirm with discomfort.  And of course, much more backstory in the book.  Overall, I'd say the movie was a good adaption, and I enjoyed them both!

I still love the idea of non-stop Austen, but as the ladies point out, how do you follow up from there?

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