Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hospitality Questionnaire- Karen

April 2010: Questionaire
1. How often do you have company in your home (per week/month/year)?

We have company at least once per week- a lot of them teenagers/young adults because of the ages of our children.

As far as grownup company it would be a couple of times per month.

2. What do you enjoy about hosting? What do you dislike?

I enjoy the sitting and chatting with people in my home. (I also love the fact that I am just 15 steps away from my bed at the end of the night and do not have to drive home first)
I dislike the self-imposed thought that everything needs to be spic and span! (although as I age I am relaxing my thoughts on the "crazy clean -company's coming")

3. Name 2 things that you do for company/before company arrives, that you rarely/never do otherwise.

Everything is completely cleaned up and in its place on my kitchen counters.- I'm having trouble thinking of a second one here!!

4. What is on your "last-minute check list" right before the door bell rings?

Check those counters
Make sure there are clean towels hanging in the bathroom

5.What is your favorite "event" to host? ( for example: coffee, a meal, evening, over-nightter, family/friends, outdoor/indoor, casual/formal... etc)

I also love summer entertaining. I also enjoy hosting big family dinners i.e. Christmas/Easter, although I have gotten much more relaxed with that as well- a sit down dinner for 25 plus is not as daunting after doing it few times round.

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