Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hosptality Questionnaire - Thea

1. How often do you have company in your home (per week/month/year)?

I have two answers for every question, before and since. Because my home has definitely changed in the last 8 months. Everything changed, and so did my entertaining habits.
Before, we used to entertain at least once or twice per month. We would have family or friends over for coffee, or an evening including dinner, conversation and even games. 
Since, entertaining has definitely happened more like once every two or three months. Of course when we're talking family members, it's more like twice a week. There has been a lot of changes happening in my home, renos and building etc. so once the dust has settled, I'm hoping to open my home up a little more often.

2. What do you enjoy about hosting? What do you dislike?
Before - conversation, getting to know people better, relaxing and enjoying and laughing. Preparing good food and fancy drinks. Getting out my fine china and using it.
Since - hard to say. When I had book club, I really enjoyed the conversation, but I was more nervous about making sure everything was looking great.

3. Name 2 things that you do for company/before company arrives, that you rarely/never do otherwise.
I make lists to ensure I don't forget anything, and I also get everything ready during the day before the arrival time, and make sure everything is timed correctly. I never do that on a regular basis.

4. What is on your "last-minute check list" right before the door bell rings?
Everything is shining, ready and in it's place, and all the tea lights/candles are lit if it's an evening affair. I clean too, but I'm not obsessive about it.

5.What is your favorite "event" to host? ( for example: coffee, a meal, evening, over-nightter, family/friends, outdoor/indoor, casual/formal... etc)
A fun Christmas party. When people dress up, come out, act all sophisticated and go home full of good food, wonderful wine/drinks and a glow because they enjoyed themselves so much. I (used to) adore that time of year. Hopefully that will return someday and my Christmas parties will once again be the "event of the year"!

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