Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prelude and Cadence by B.J. Hoff

Another church library book... sorry if this doesn't interest you too much, but I've been on a bit of a roll here lately and have another 1/2 dozen or so to go!

Prelude is the first book in Hoff's new American Anthem Series, and based on this book, I feel fairly confident in recommending the whole series (Prelude, Cadence and Jubilee).  The author introduces us the the cast of characters in this first book, and sets out the challenges that they must face.  The characters differ in their circumstances, and in the strength of their faith, but faith is an strong theme throughout.  The style of the book is a bit sentimental and romantic, but is is overall well-written and conservative with respect to religion.

Cadence follows in Prelude's shoes... well written, filled with interesting characters - and strong faith.  This book is a bit more "mushy" than the last as several potential romances begun in the first book get the opportunity to bloom here. 
Recommended, again.

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