Thursday, June 17, 2010

If Singleness is a Gift, What's the Return Policy? by Holly Virden with Michelle McKinney Hammond

Another church library book...

Holly and Michelle team up to write a upbeat, amusing book about singleness based on their own life experience and the knowlege gained for discussion with many other singles within the churches.  Their views are based heavily on Scripture, and the women write with a refreshingly honest, personal perspective.  They do not agree about everything, and so leave room for other's to find their own way, too, but they certainly provide a lot of encouragement and guidence along the way.  An useful resources for young (and not so young) women struggling with trying to understand why God has called them to singleness for a (sometimes long) time.

- Michelle talks (a la Leslie Lundy) about Jesus as her fiance - "I'm engaged to a rich old Jewish guy," but she seems to recognize that this analogy is about Christ and the Church, and not just individual believers, and she doesn't go overboard with all the "passionate lover" nonsense like Lundy does.
- their tone is often humorous, and may come across as flippant to some readers


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