Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Schedule - July/Aug 2010

July - Thursday 29th at Michelle's
          Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler
 * a week later than the original date. Please confirm whether this works for you or not!

Probably - Tessa, Sherrie, Chandra, Erin, Michelle (?)
Maybe - Jenn
I doubt it - Thea
Definite No - Kate

August - Thursday 19th at Sherrie's
               The Book of Negros by Laurence Hill

Probably - Karen, Erin, Sherrie, Kate, Chandra
Maybe - Tessa, Jenn
I doubt it - Thea
Definite No-

* looks like August is good-to-go!  If there are 2+ people who cannot make it, but have read the book and would like to discuss it, we can open the discussion questions for an on-line discussion, too.

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