Friday, June 18, 2010

Women's Intuition by Lisa Samson

Another church library book...

Women's Intuition introduces us to a quirky cast of female characters: Lark, who is still grieving her ex-husband and has been depressed and relusive for nearly 20 years; her daughter Flannery, who is sunny, artistic and in love; Lark's mother, Leslie, who's heart is weak and who is troubled by years of secrets; and Leslie's housekeeper, Prisma, who is ready to lay down the burden of supporting all these women.  Side characters include ex-husband, Brad; new love interest, Johnny; brother Newly; and Flannery's fiance, James.  The characters are complex, and well developed, but I'm reluctant to recommend this book for the church library. 

My main concern is the frequent conversations that the characters (especially Prisma) have with God.  Although it's admirable that prayer plays such a central function in the story, I was very uncomfortable with how the author writes the conversations with God, putting words in God's mouth too (see page 92/93 for one example.)

Other smaller concerns include:
  • the discussions of Catholic vs Protestant church; and the often negative comments directed against both
  • Lark's 1-800-IPRAY4U hotline... this comes off a bit strangely sometimes, as if you need to be someone special to pray, or that she is somehow a mediator between these people and God, or that prayers are only answered if they can sent up often enough or by the right person.  This hotline sends a generally confusing message - and does not allow for the possibility that God may answer a prayer with a "no" or simply with silence.
Not recommended.

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