Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beyond the Shadows by Robin Lee Hatcher

Another church library book....

Set in farm country in the 1950's, Hatcher tells us the tragic story of Deborah Haskin, and how she finally begins to really live when she really accepts God's presence and power in her life.  The novel opens at the graveyard on a gloomy day as Deborah burries her first husband after a tragic farming accident and a short but sweet marriage.  It looks like the sun is shining again when Deb meets Gideon and is quickly swept off her feet.  But this marriage is fillled with tragedy too - leaving the farm, a miscarriage, an accident at work, financial stress, drifting away from the church fellowship and from a relationship with God, Gideon's alcoholism, and the growing distance in their marriage.  Yup - this is one tragic story.

But alls well that ends well - and it does.  A refreshing look at real life issues in Christian Chick Lit.  Recommended for anyone who struggles with the shame of alcoholism in the family or in their close circle of friends... or who knows someone in those circumstances. Hatcher clearly writes from personal experience and the assurance of God's forgiveness and the opportunity for change could be very encouraging.  Also shows how a formal faith is not nearly enough...

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