Monday, July 12, 2010

Whisper of Love by Jewel Miller

Another church library book...

... subtitled "An Amish romance on the moonlit prairie"... and really, that says all you need to know.  A quaint, pretty little story about an Amish girl, Mattie, as she grows from a young girl of 6 to an newly engaged woman in her early twenties.  This reads like "Little House on the Prairie" ... an interesting look at the Amish lifestyle - written from the "inside" by an Amish woman.

There is nothing particularly Christian about this book - aside from the mention of church services and church, there is little evidence that their lives are driven by faith.  At one stage, the family looses their farm to drought and grasshoppers, and they recognize that this is "God's will" but seem to rely on their own ability to work hard and stick together to weather any crisis on their path.

Harmless, but not something I'd recommend to encourage someone in their Christian walk.

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