Wednesday, November 16, 2011

January Heads Up!

Something to think about...

Turns out that January's Stolen Life has some fairly graphic and disturbing scenes of sexual abuse of a minor.  This book is a memoir and these things really did happen, but the way they are written is pretty disturbing and may not make a great subject for a book club discussion.

Anyone interested in deep-sixing this book and replacing it with Same Kind of Different Than Me?  Two of our group have read it already and they both recommend it for discussion, too.

Please leave feedback under the comments here.  We can totally change our minds, but it's probably best to do that asap before anyone else spends good money on a book we decide not to study together.

Well, that's 6 votes for change and no votes for keeping A Stolen Life, so we'll consider the change made.  :-)


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