Friday, November 4, 2011

little princes by Conor Grennan

Conor Grennan at 29 years old decides his life needs some new adventures, so he is going to travel around the globe for one year. His first stop is at an orphanage in Nepal. He starts out his adventure as a regular person not sure how to make a difference in the world or if he even wants to. After he meets the children of Nepal he knows where is heart is and will do anything he can to help them. Conor Grennan does a great job of portraying the history of Nepal and making the readers fall in love with the children. I know I did! This book had me intrigued from start to finish. You see how Conor makes it his goal to reunite children, who pulled out of there lives by child trafficers, to their families in a worn torn country.

It was so sad to read about how poor some of these families were they would give their children to a complete stranger in hope that the stranger could provide a better life for their children then they could.

These children will make you laugh (out loud!) and cry, you can really see how resilient children are. This book really made me want to look into the country, the food, culture and the children who won my heart! Definitely recommend this book.

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