Friday, March 9, 2012

The Fossils Still Say No by Duane Gish

I know that this isn't the kind of book I typically review, and it is far from a light read, but I have been obsessed with this one lately (lately being the 3.5 weeks that it took me to read this.  Note that you cannot read this book until everyone in the house is asleep or away b/c it requires some serious brain power and you cannot afford to get distracted.  Number of pages re-read b/c I lost track of his train of thought due to distractions: way too many.)  and I wanted to tell you about it.

What this book is not:
- Christian pseudo-scientific fluff
- an easy, feel-good read
- a mockery of evolutionary scientists; Gish is respectful and avoid getting personal.  He deals with the facts presented rather than resorting to attacks on fellow scientists.

What this book is:
- serious science by a serious scientist
- a logical, step by step exploration of the data and documentation on the fossil record, written by some of the most devoted evolutionists; Gish uses their own discoveries, studies and articles to show that the fossil record does NOT provide evidence for evolution, but rather that is shows what would be predicted by creationists.
- a powerful testimony of the reliability of Scripture
- a must read for anyone who has ever questioned the "evidence" presented in science text books, any kids book about horses, big cats and sharks or felt stumped by others who challenge believers to explain away the "facts" of evolution
- worth every minute of re-reading :-)

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