Friday, September 7, 2012

Olive Kitteridge Review

 I know it has been a while since we read "Olive Kitteridge". Just got my computer back so now to write a review:)
 We had a fairly decent crowd especially since it was summer. Yummy clam chowder, olives, brownies, donuts, and blueberry crisp was enjoyed as we discussed Olive. Mmm my mouth just watered thinking about it, especially the olives;)

 What we liked about the book:
  • We thought the book was well written and we loved the characters Elizabeth Strout developed.
  • We liked how it was not only written in Olive's perspective and thought the book would not have been as enjoyable if it was.
  • Realized while reading the book you do not like Olive as a person but after you finish reading the book you can appreciate the qualities that Olive had.
What we did not like about the book:
  • Don't think there was anything we did not like about the book! Correct me if I am wrong:)
 Elizabeth Strout does a great job portraying a theme of loneliness and love throughout her book "Olive Kitteridge". We all agreed that most relationships are hard and take lots of work. Also made us realize how short life is and how we should embrace friendships and our families.
 It was a great summer read!

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