Friday, December 13, 2013

Mark it on your New 2014 Calendar!

  • January 9th (second week of the month)
          Warrior Princess by Mindy Budgor 
         - hostess: Trish

  • February 7th - Friday evening Couples Meeting
           Doppler by Erlend Loe
        - hostess: Chandra

  • March 6th
          The Paris Wife by Paula McLain
         - hostess: Tessa


  1. Why am I not getting any of these emails???? I'm sure I've changed it to my new email address...are you able to check that for me, Tessa?

  2. I also see that Trish and I are switched for January/February. Which is totally fine, I just don't remember that discussion and want to make sure this isn't a typo. I'm happy to host everyone in our new kitchen if it isn't a typo. :)


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