Monday, March 10, 2014

Discussion Highlights - The Paris Wife

We ended up with a very little group this month, but had a wonderful and spirited discussion about The Paris Wife nonetheless.  We all enjoyed the book tremendously and we easily sailed through all 22 discussion questions.

What we liked:
- we enjoyed the writing in the book.   We felt like we "knew" Hadley, Hemingway and 1920's Paris as they really came to life in the book
- we liked how Hadley's love for Hem comes through in the book... even in the darkest days of their relationship
- we loved the sprinkling of other historical characters throughout the book and the sense of a vibrant artistic life in Paris at the time
- none of us had read A Movable Feast by Hemingway (though some of us had read others of his books) and we would love to add it to our reading list some time to see these events through his eyes

What we disliked:
- that so many of you were missing ;-)  We hope that you read and enjoyed the book and we look forward to chatting with you about it when we see each other next.
- we wished that Hadley had a something more of her own to devote herself too (she plays the piano, and later cares for Bumby, but beyond that, she seems to be just filling her time with leisure activities).  If she had something larger and more significant to spend her free time on, she may have been less restless and lonely.

What we ate:
- enjoyed a fresh green salad and a surprisingly delish liver fried in bacon
- ended with some elegant pastries, tea and chocolate

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