Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reading Lolita in Tehran Review

I confess I do not remember a lot of the discussion, as unbeknownst to me I was coming down with the 24 hour 'flu. Just in case one of you come down with it, you'll know who to blame... sorry!

From what I do remember:

1. Most of us found it a hard book to get into, and the reviews were mixed as to whether we enjoyed it or not. The ones who did not enjoy it found the long book analogies tedious, especially if we were unfamiliar with the title in question. Those who did enjoy the book were more familiar with some of the titles she discussed and found her analysis of the books spot on.

2. We did, for the most part find the sections about the Islamic Revlution interesting, although we all confessed we had a hard time remembering all the characters and their names.

3. We had a long discussion about the "chador" or veil. We found it interesting that the very thing the chador was designed to prevent, i.e. lust, caused it in the minds of the male population.

4. We decided that the "magician" was only an acquaintance/friend whom Prof. Aziz sought out from whom to receive advice and counsel. She used the label magician to ensure his anonymity. It was he who pointed out to her that the very thing she was trying to avoid, namely, getting involved with the politics of the day, was what was consuming her.

Did I miss anything?

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